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CLCF's Passing the Baton

Scholarship for high school seniors

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The CLCF track and field program is proud to announce that starting in 2022 we will be awarding the Passing the Baton Scholarship. This is a $1000 scholarship awarded to one high school senior male and female in April. More information below. Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2022.

Background and Requirements:

This 2 page document provides a brief background on CLCF track and the requirements that need to be met to be eligible to receive the scholarship.

Online Registration
Fill out the online application for Passing the Baton Scholarship, once you have read through the prerequisites. Please only submit completed applications, as those are the only ones that will be reviewed.

Scholarship Form
For any student who is not able to complete an electronic version of the application click here. Please email completed form to Coach Frank at with “track scholarship” listed in the subject box.


Coach Frank