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Tom Aman Ekiden Race

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The Third Annual Tom Aman Ekiden Race

9:00 AM  (10 AND UNDER) | 11:30 AM (11-14)

Western Hills Middle School
400 Phenix Ave., Cranston, RI

Walkthrough: 8:30 am (10 and under)
Walkthrough: 11 am (11-14)

Online Registration
We are using Racewire for our registration. The fee is $25 for each club or school that registers. This covers boys and girls with an unlimited number of relay teams. Registration closes on 9/30/22 at 8 pm.

Relay Teams
Teams do not have to share or list relay teams ahead of time. The day of the meet when races are called,  each school or club will send the appropriate team to the staring line.

T shirts
There will be event shirts for sale for $20.


How many races can my child/athlete run

Athletes can run in as many races as possible.  A runner could run in both men’s and open heats for example, or in the A relay and B relay races (varsity/jv) in a given age group. an answer to this item.

How are races broken down?

8 & under races, 9-10 races are determined by age as of December 31, 2021 (AAU or USATF age rules).  Middle school age group is 11 -14, so clubs can run 11-14 year old teams against school teams in the middle school race.  Athletes can run up an age group but can not run down — team age will be determined by its oldest participant. an answer to this item.

Are there awards?

Yes there are ribbons to the winning team of each race by age, gender(boys, girls, open), and age group-7-8,9-10, middle sch an answer to this item.

Is there team scoring?

No team scoring, team race winners only. It is per age group as defined above.  an answer to this item.

2022 Results
3rd Annual Tom Aman Ekiden Race
Team times and placement from 10 and under and 11-14 races. Boys, girls, and open races.



Coach Frank